Clay Cutter Guide - Types and Materials

Clay Cutter Guide - Types and Materials
A clay cutter is a tool  used in pottery and ceramics to cut and shape clay into various forms. These tool s come in  different shapes and sizes, and are typically made of metal, plastic, or wood. One of the most basic and commonly used clay cutters is the wire clay cutter. It is a simple tool  that consists of a wire strung between two handles. The wire is pulled through the clay to cut it into  desired shape or size. This tool  is useful for cutting large pieces of clay into smaller pieces or for cutting slabs of clay into specific shapes. Another type of clay cutter is the ribbon cutter, which is a flat, straight-edged tool  with a handle. It is used to cut slabs of clay into specific shapes and sizes. It can also be used to smooth and even out surfaces of clay. Ribbon cutters come in various widths and thicknesses to accommodate  different needs. A pottery wheel is another common tool  used to shape clay. It is a spinning wheel that allows the user to shape the clay by hand while it is spinning. Pottery wheels come in  different sizes and  designs, and can be powered by electricity or by foot. The fettling knife is another common tool  used for shaping and cutting clay. It's a small, sharp knife that is used to trim and refine the edges of a piece of pottery. It can also be used to maake incisions or  designs in the clay. Another popular tool  is the loop tool , which is a small, circular tool  with a handle. It is used to maake small cuts and incisions in the clay, and can also be used to shape and smooth surfaces. Finally, the clay extruder is a tool  that is used to create long, uniform pieces of clay. It works by forcing clay through a  die in order to create a specific shape or size. These are commonly used in making clay pipes, beads and other cylindrical shapes. In conclusion, clay cutters are an essential tool  for pottery and ceramics, as they allow the user to cut and shape clay in to various forms. The wire clay cutter, ribbon cutter, pottery wheel, fettling knife, loop tool , and clay extruder are some of the most commonly used clay cutters. Each one of them has specific use and benefits, and the right tool  for the job  depends on the project and the skill level of the user. It's important to consider the specific use case and properties of the clay before choosing a cutting tool .

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