About Me

Actually, I never thought about what I could write about, but I guess I will have to tell you everything from the beginning for you to get to know me.

My name is Ufuk. My name may sound very strange to you and it is really difficult to pronounce, I know I will live it all my life (unfortunately). The meaning of my name is the horizon line in the sky. My mother always tells me that I opened my eyes to this life on a hot August afternoon in 1989. After completing my primary, secondary and high school education in the city where I was born and grew up, when I went to another city for university, I started my adolescence with the excitement of being away from my home for the first time and with the hope of sailing to new goals, but this excitement turned into a great depression when I lost my sister to heart disease just before I went to university.  (But I never want my life story to upset you! ) After completing the economics department at the university (although I wanted to say that I was a very successful student, unfortunately I was not), I had to leave my home again to do my military service, with a surprise letter waiting for me in my mailbox when I returned home. After completing my military service at the end of 6 months, when I returned to my home, I started working in the construction sector, which is outside of my field of interest, in order to earn the money necessary for living. In this difficult process, I had to say goodbye to my father unwillingly because of cancer.

Unfortunately, what happened to all of us also happened to me, and I lived my life as an unhappy employee for years. When I realized that I could not continue my life as an unhappy and exhausted person despite earning a good salary, I quit my job and, unsurprisingly, I continued to work day and night in a sector that I had no interest in, and it was August when I could not stand the injustices I experienced and resigned. It was as if I had started my life again 30 years later in the month I started in 1989. All I wanted was to rest my head a little and spend time on my hobbies, while I was producing my hobby products with my 3D printers, I started to meet with polymer clay earring manufacturers by chance. While advancing my hobby and creativity in this direction, I started making cutters for polymer clay earrings. When I decided to improve myself in the production of clay cutters, I made very good friendships in an unexpected way. (My dear friend Marissa, happy to have you!) and I have made many good friends. (I have so many good friends that I hesitate to write any name in case I forget to write someone's name.) While producing cutters for polymer clay, I actually realized how important quality and durability are. I was able to produce cutters that are more durable, more useful and the sharpest for polymer earring production. In addition to the more durable and useful polymer earring cutters, I understood how important it is to communicate with people and small business owners like me and decided that it was the right choice to act. I have to say that I really enjoyed producing cutters for polymer clay earrings because my hobby has become my job. As a man, it is really difficult to be creative in a sector where women produce, and seeing perfect handmade designs is the biggest excitement for me. For this reason, I ask all my friends (I don't see them as customers) to tag me on the polymer clay earrings they produce on their social media accounts.

I realized that spending my life more calmly and creatively made me happier.

I believe that the harmony brought by calmness is an integral part of our nature and for this reason I still want to play the guitar (one of my biggest dreams)

How can every product be the same when the nature and character of each person is different? It shouldn't be the same! This brings us back to the same point and we can see that handmade products actually reflect a piece of our own soul. It is actually our freedom to be different, regardless of which field we produce. To further reflect this difference, I will continue to produce cutters for the best quality polymer clay earrings. In addition, with the confidence of having this freedom, I started to produce t-shirts and hoodies with personalized designs. By expanding my small business with your endless support (thank you each and every one of you) and I will continue to produce products of higher quality, where we can reflect ourselves, our designs and our freedom.

It's good to know you and I'm glad to have you guys.