Visa and Mastercard Payments

To complete your checkout with Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards, simply follow these steps.

  1. Enter your details on the website's Checkout page (address, phone number etc.)
  2. Select "Continue to Secure Payment". You will be redirected to the payment provider's website, which is 2CheckOut Convert Plus (by Verifone).

  • If you are using Amex or Discover, you can enter your card details and continue checkout.

  • If you are using Visa or Mastercard, select "PayPal" option and Continue with Paypal.

  • Here you select "Pay with credit/Visa debit card" option or "Continue with a guest account" if you are on mobile.

  • Enter your card details to PayPal's secure payment system and complete your purchase.

That's all done!! 

Thank you so much for reading, it is a little hidden behind the PayPal option but you can definitely use your Visa and Mastercard credit cards to purchase from my website.